Astral Hell

Astral Hell is a place you can't phone home from.

Steven Gibbs says that if you use the south pole field in your HDR, it can send you to astral hell. This is not a pleasant place. Lower astral realms resemble earth in some ways. Sadly, much like here there is a lot of violence and crime.

Astral HELL is not where you want to go if you have an astral voyage to the future using Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator or (HDR). It is smoky and reeks of sulfur like a rotten egg. This is one very nasty region.

People will often visit these nether regions. That is when they use improper polarity in the HDR in Astral Time Travel. Frankly, there is much to learn for us. Please stay away from bad areas. Most people learn to avoid these soon.

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