Steven Gibbs Glossary

HDR Caduceus Coil Under the Rubbing Plate of Hyper Dimensional Resonator. Said to generate scalar waves.
EMF Detector Device used to locate a grid point/vortex.
Dr. Z (Timenomoe) Developer of the six dial HDR
George Nordahl Makes the MultiVerse Resonator (MVR) and sells it.
Rick Lipani Uses Steven Gibbs HDR for OBE time travel
Grid Point/Vortex Also known as power spot, is an area of a magnetic anomaly, see Oregon Vortex.
Hyper Dimensional Resonator Radionics machine invented by Steven Gibbs in 1985 that uses an electromagnet and dials.
John Bajak Inventor of the Flux Cap
MultiVerse Resonator A device invented by Steven Gibbs that does not need a grid point/vortex to work.
HDR Quartz Crystal Steven Gibbs says to use the HDR with a double terminated quartz crystal.
Scalar Waves Steven Gibbs claims that the caduceus coil generates this time warping phenomena
Rubbing Plate Used in the Hyper Dimensional Resonator for a "Stick Reaction".
Steven Gibbs Inventor of the HDR and many other devices. Often appears on radio talk shows.
Witness Well

Used in Steven Gibbs HDR to store a sample for radionic tuning.

Radionics Experiments

Lab experiments using Steven Gibbs HDR to check for results of his unit.

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