Dangers of the HDR

and other electromagnetic devices

Unlike a metal detector that emits a limited strength radio frequency, the HDR emits a strong magnetic field that can erase a credit card. This magnetic field can grab bits of ferrous metal flinging them at high speed. It is a good idea to not place object like a VCR tape, credit card, floppy diskette etc. near the HDR electromagnet.

The Hyper Dimensional Resonator is a radionics machine that uses an electromagnet to generate a pulsed magnetic wave using about 400V of DC current. It draws about 3AMPS of 120V AC 60 cycle current. It uses a pulsed magnetic field and resonance. As to the effects, we are not sure.

We do not know the effect of being exposed to a strong magnetic field, but just in case, it is a good idea to limit exposure. Personally I think that an MRI scan is stronger than an HDR, but the HDR electromagnet is powerful enough to erase magnetic data so beware. HDR six dials


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