Different Times




Model T Ford

57 Chevy


Silent B&W Movie

Color & Sound Movie


Record Player

Hi-Fi Stereo

MP3 Player


B&W Tube TV





Adding Machine

Mainframe Computer


Each time period has characteristic music {20's Jazz, 50's Rock, 90's Rap}

We see in different time periods different slang and dress codes,
but the basic core person we remain as same

If a person were to go back to the 20's, the um jazz age experience, they would find that were many grocery stores, electric lights, motor cars, filling stations, restaurants, and many "modern conveniences" like a washing machine, hot water shower, and electricity. The ROAR of the roaring 20's was produced by the automobile and citizens went car crazy.

In fact, prior to the 20's there were very few cars on the the wide tree lined avenues. If fact, on city streets, horses used to be so common. They are not quite rare. I have seen in major cities a horse drawn carriage. However, it tend to be for a special occasion. For example, it might be for a celebrity marraige.

Still, you might adapt to the jazz age. Here we go.

There are a few substitutions to make, instead of an HD TV you have a radio for news, instead of an air conditioner, a fan. Instead of internet to get instant information about foreign countries there was short wave. Most people went to state fairs and vaudeville for entertainment. The car was just starting and there were few roads or avenues. For long trips people had a train using a steam engine instead of a plane using a jet engine. Although air travel was available it was expensive. Movie theaters did have air conditioner, but it was too expensive for common person.

Vacuum cleaners made life easier in the 20's. Many people still had an icebox, but most were buying a refrigerator. Clothes dryers were avalable, but the microwave had not been invented yet, still the adjustment to living in the 1920's is very small in size.

The adjustments to living in the 1950's are even less. The 50's had TVs, movies, highways, motels, jet planes, and even computers (mainframes), but medicine was a bit primitive.

Instead of a video game, you had a pin ball machine, and a walkie-talkie instead of a cell phone, few people had or could afford a car phone (doctors). There were few TV channels {ABC, NBC, CBS} but in the 50's finally, color TV began to appear. Even instant color photography was avalable - Polaroid cameras.

The trip to the supermarket was not too different than now, most major brands were around then like Coca Cola, Kelloggs Cornflakes, Hershey Chocolate, etc. In this pre-internet era people would read the paper for local news.

In contrast if you were to live in the 1700's there is no electricity, running water, public transportation, etc.

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