Iran War Draft

Back in 2001 I predicted that the US would invade first Iraq and the Iran. I said that we did not have enough men to take on both Iraq and Iran without a draft. Now I repeat my prediction of an Iran War Draft. As late as 2007 debunkers posted that I was a fool and that there would be no draft.

They said in

2001 - There is no reason for Bush to invade Iraq it has nothing to do with 911

2002 - Bush is talking with Saddam, sanctions maybe, you were wrong about the war.

2003 - Bush is celebrating on an Aircraft Carrier the end of the war, you were wrong.

2004 - We will be out in six months, you will see.

2005 - The situation is improving, war with Iran won't happen

2006 - Reps lost house and senate so war over soon You predicted a draft - haha.

2007 - ROFL you are so stupid, there's not going to be any draft. They will use missiles.

And what will the debunkers say when US troops are inside Iran?

They will do a debunker flipflop and say "That was obvious, CNN has been predicting this for months. You did not predict anything. You get all your predictions from CNN."


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