How to use HDR

There are several methods to use HDR, but most of mine will focus on using Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator – HDR for astral time travel to the future. This is accomplished by entering a meditative state of mind and exteriorizing my soul.

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Basically, I use an HDR with a double terminated quartz crystal and a barium oxide bar magnet. The bar magnet is attached to the end of the HDR electromagnet and the quartz crystal is placed inside the witness well. Before I place the quartz crystal in the witness well, it will be charged up inside a crystal pyramid.

These energies are what boost the frequency of my astral body and allow me to jump to the future. If my jump is only a month I am OK, but if I need to do a long jump, like a hundred years into the future, then I use a Tesla Coil alongside the HDR. The Tesla coil provides the zero vector that I use to tunnel into the future. You need more energy to travel further.

For a very long jump, like thousands of years into the future, I use several HDR units and Tesla coils. I tune all of them to the future date I wish to travel to. This allow me to use more energy in pumping up the astral body.

How to tune
First ask a questions like “What are the rates that will take my to the year 2050?” After you turn on the HDR you can begin by placing one hand over the rubbing plate and stroking it, while with your other hand slowly turn the top dial clockwise and counter clockwise until you get a stick reaction. That means your fingers get stuck to the plate and feel gummy like glue. When this happens start adjusting the bottom dial. At the point of maximum sticky you have found the rates.

HDR electromagnet

Scalar waves from caduceus coil
Inside the HDR under the rubbing plate is a caduceus coil that generates scalar waves. These scalar waves are believed to cause strange paranormal events. I believe they are responsible for many of the odd occurrences with the HDR.


Scalar waves appear to enhance etheric energy that is used by psychics. They resonate along a multidimensional axis, thus we have a hyper dimensional resonator. By changing the frequency of the scalar waves that we generate we can determine where and when we land. The frequency is altered using the two knobs.

Actually, one problem that I have with the HDR, is that I will be slightly off target, like I aim for the year 1915 and land on 1916. This is because I did not tune the knobs correctly. You can also go back far into the past and see the pyramids being built or the statues on Easter Island.

Witness Well
To get an accurate fix on my target, I will often place an item in the witness well, like for example, a picture taken in the 1920's of Coney Island. So I can go back to the time of jazz and Model T-Fords. However, if I wish to go to the future, I can draw a picture on a piece of paper and place that inside the witness well of the HDR. For example, a drawing of the Shire Tower in New Chicago in 2150, a city built after the war.

Rubbing Plate
I will state the question “take me to the Shire Tower in New Chicago 2150” then stroke the rubbing plate of the of HDR. All the while turning the knobs to find the proper frequency. When my fingers get stuck to the plate like glue, then I can power up the electromagnet. I will let the magnet ride for about seven mins. If it goes much over ten minutes the electromagnet will get hot.

Barium oxide bar magnet

Barium Oxide Bar Magnet
The Barium Oxide Bar Magnet is used to boost the power of the HDR electromagnet so that my astral body has more energy. This is a great way to increase the ability of the astral traveler. With a bar magnet my ability is far greater than with just an electromagnet.

Time Coils
By placing curly cords called “Time Coils” around my head the frequency is established. The time coil is supposed to help make my finding the proper frequency easier. They are supposed to interact with my astral soul.

Quartz Crystal
I believe that a double terminated quartz crystal helps me focus on the time I wish to travel to. For example, if I want to see how things are going to be next year, I can focus on what I wish to see. The problem is that there is a big war in the future and many important landmarks are gone.

Grid Point Vortex
According to Steven Gibbs, the Hyper Dimensional Resonator works best when it is over a grid point vortex. Although you can create an artificial grid point using two copper pipes, a natural grid point is supposed to be better.

To find a grid point I use a EMF detector also known as a gaussmeter. This device is often used by ghost hunters because paranormal events tend to occur near a vortex. My EMF meter measures the strength of magnetic fields and basically, I am looking for an anomaly – an area where the electromagnetic fields are stronger than normal.

A grid point forms where two grid lines cross. See more on this in the Hartmann Grid. if a grid point is very powerful it is called a vortex. It is like a magnetic tornado. This is a place where the fabric of space time is weak and time travel is supposed to be easier.

A cheap way to hunt for a vortex is to use a compass. If the needle spins line a top, then you are over a vortex. This is an ideal place to use the HDR. My best results are on the morning of a full moon.

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