HDRKID Geiger Counter


HDRKID has a geiger counter that is ready for use. Please consider getting one of your own. The unit I have provides beep and a red LED flash when radioactive particles are detected to alert owner. HDRKID Geiger Counter will get frequent updates and more information comes in.

Folks, time is running out for us. Already many units are sold out on amazon.


SITREP latest

There is currently minimal radiation, but this could change in the days to come.

SITREP future

HDRKID plans to keep you up on all the latest news.. Here is the LATEST HDRKID Prediction.

Steven Gibbs called me to say he is going to be creating a new type of BW2000 and will soon be testing it. Also, that a web master is creating a new site for HDR. This sounds interesting to me.

Radiation Report

I found out that these gave been releases of radiation from japan. These are coming our way. OK so far we have been lucky, but that could change soon..

Already got an excellent geiger counter for use.

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If you got any more questions about me, my email is HDRremovemeKID [at] HOTremovemeMail [dot] com

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