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Sadly, as many of you know HDRKID threads were destroyed by debunkers on another time travel forum, but have peace. I plant to put my predictions here and shall always keep you near. This is what I have seen using my psychic powers. (This information was obtained using remote viewing.)

Prediction for 2011

First I wish to disclose that I have bought both physical gold and silver; that said here is what is going on. Expect Gold to go over 1500 next year. Expect silver to hit 20. I am loading up. Silver is so cheap now. Future price of gold is over 2000 in coming years. Inflation is still tame, but that will soon not be the case. Fuel in 2011 goes over $3/gallon for gas.

People need to start a large garden as insurance. This will supply you with food when times get tough for you. Do not expect to find much of a selection at your grocery. Getting a generator is also a good idea as there will be problems with power.

Steven Gibbs warns me of a problem with our sun. He says some solar flashes in the future blinded people - so cover your eyes. I got some glasses that turn dark instantly when a flash occurs. These are also good in case of a nuclear war. This does not occur in 2011, but later on.

If you got any questions about an HDR or my predictions, my email is HDRremovemeKID [at] HOTremovemeMail [dot] com

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