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coke blak an HDRKID prediction

One of the most interesting hdrkid predictions was made in 2004. People wanted to know what soft drinks became popular in the future. Hdrkid predicted that Coke would release a new coffee powered coca cola called "COKE BLAQ", Hdrkid was off by a letter. In 2005 I said that by going astral time travel I had seen myself in May 2006 drinking a Coke Blaq. The funny thing is that I predicted the shape of the bottle "coke-like", the color - like coffee, and how it tasted, like a coffee powered coke.

The debunkers made fun of me and my soft drink predictions. When Coke Blak came out they were as mad as a wet hen. They accused me of knowing people inside coca cola and that I did not predict anything because I cheated. Later they said that CNN had been predicting Coke Blak for months and that I get all my predictions from CNN.

Coca Cola comes out with many new flavors, most are flops, but a few are hits. Coke BlaK was a hit for me. The debunkers now claim that it was obvious, now that Coke Blak is a hit, but many products like Vanilla Coke have been withdrawn. The skeptics prefer to wait until the product takes off and then claim it was obvious.

Many of my predictions are difficult because in astral time travel it is hard to read letters. For example, I can see a newspaper headline, but the text is hard to read. Debunkers will ask me to give them a newspaper headline and then they will believe, but when I give them a headline. The result is typically the same. "You have friend inside the paper", "We all knew the democrats would win both houses", "it was obvious".

I still remember when I was asked to predict a soft drink from the future. Even though I predicted it years in advance, it did not change the mind of debunkers, in fact, no amount of evidence will convince a closed minded person.

coke blak selling in stores

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