Kuiella Taldama: my journey 

A star saga of the far tomorrow

All sci-fi aside, you think about what the future can bring us. How it will be in the days to come. There are major changes ahead for many.

Expect things to not be like now. Kuiella Taldama is a space warrior. Her main job is to protect the earth from a reptilian invasion. After all, we are under attack by the reptilian empire. Few see what is coming.

Well, that will not be the case very soon. Then people will understand the true nature of our universe. It is more scary... than you can imagine.

green pellets

Kuiella Taldama is the principal character in the star saga. 

Kuiella Taldama: my journey - book cover

Here is a very short section for you to get a piece of our star saga. Well, it is a very small piece. It is only chapter one. Read up and tell us... what you think about our cosmic journey.

She decides to let regular people help win the war. That is what our star saga is on. What price are you gonna pay. Yeah to make all your dreams come in. How much can you be willing to pay now. Oh yes, when the true stakes are our universe.

Read our star saga Kuiella Taldama: my journey and find your very own answers.

No doubt the adventures of the future are generated using technology we can never imagine.

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