Orangeback - former "greenback" is now peachy
SuperSize Me!

New Orange Money!
Yesterday in change I got the oddest looking bill an ORANGEBACK. This new orangeback ten "not a greenback" looked like monopoly money. All it needed was a choo-choo train and a pair of dice.

I swear I thought I was on another timeline, one where money is orange instead of green. It looked as fake as a million dollar bill with the face of Clinton on it. This peachy Orangeback ten was most unsettling.

When using Steven Gibbs HDR, I have seen some very funny money. For example, in the future we get this purple pink fruity five. You got to see it, you will...


Why change the currency?
It seems rather odd, but we just finished changing the ten spot from the old reliable to the new "Big Head" bills that are supposed to be hard to copy. Those had that strange ink in them that changes colors. Well, now we change the currency to a more "colorful" ten spot - one that is orange - hence the name ORANGEback. We will soon get pink fifties and purple hundreds next; except that most stores do not accept 50s & 100s.

Who wants to change the color of our money from green to this fruity orange color that looks like monopoly money?
And why so many changes in such a short period of time?

I think that the reason that we created an orangeback is still an unknown mystery.

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