Postnuke Future

Daily Life in the World of Tomorrow

How shall things be after the war in the future? Will we survive?

Edmonton Skyline
Edmonton, Alberta

In a jump to 2026 I saw myself hauling supplies to the two remaining cities of Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta. There was no longer a US, as all US cities greater than 100,000 were vaporized. Even those wonderful Canadian cities Toronto and Montreal were gone.The Canadian capital Ottawa was no more.

We always imagined that life would go on. If it does, it will not go on for most people in 2026 the combined population of Canada + US is six million. Few made it through the time of troubles. I was one of the unlucky few that was still around. Most of my friends and relatives did not make it. The guv was gone. Most companies were gone. There was no money, but I did have a job in the future. People were paid in gold - three ounces for each day's work.

In addition to driving a truck I also worked installing satellite antennas. It was cold and windy on the roofs of houses in Edmonton amd Calgary. I saw myself fall off a roof when lugging an antenna - not a happy life.

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