HDR Polarity

Importance of a north pole field

Steven Gibbs tells us that the HDR unit needs to have a north pole field orientation to be of use. This is because that is needed for astral time travel using an HDR. Failure to use proper HDR polarity can result in an unpleasant occurrence.

HDR polarity magnet

If you use a south pole field then Steven Gibbs says you can end up going in Astral Hell. This is a bad place and then some.

Spoke to him today, and he said that Eddie Bock, was able to get good results when using a north pole field, but not the south pole so this is universal it appears. Fact is that we have noticed we do not get good results when a south pole field is on. HDR polarity is important to the max. Therefore, we need to test to make sure.

What we need to use is a magnet to check the field of an HDR electromagnet. OK, you can also use a regular ordinary compass. It is important to check for a north pole field because the polarity has to be max proper. Therefore you should check your HDR unit every time you use it. I like to use my HDR for astral time travel. However, astral hell is not one my list of favorite places because it reeks of sulfur like a rotten egg,

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