Montauk Golden Horse in 6037

Montauk Project

The storied Montauk Project is about a time machine that was built in the 70's and was in operation until 1984.

It is a fascinating story told by Al Bielek who claims to have worked in the Philadelphia Experiment on the USS Eldrige years ago. Fact is that we are not sure. There is much we need to learn of the world around us.

See the a Golden Horse Statute on the cover. It is this statue from 6037 AD that is a focal point of much time travel research in the book on the time machine that was operational once.

In the year 6037 thousands of blond Montauk boys, teenagers not children were sent to see a city in ruins There was a golden horse statue with a clock in its belly in the middle of the town square. Weird inscriptions were written on the golden horse statue that the Montauk boys were suppose to view. Fact is this appears to be a training exercise.

The time machine was said to be at camp hero an old abandoned base once used by the army. It was near a sage radar that was no longer in use. Perfect place to conduct experiments in time travel under cover.

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